decoking descaling technology
About DDT
Decoking Descaling Technology Inc (DDT) was founded in 1991 by Orlande Sivacoe, the inventor of off-line bi-directional hydraulic pigging of fired heaters and Delayed Cokers in Oil Refineries and Bitumen Upgraders. Orlande has led the growth of the company to a Global Leadership position with clients in 52 countries and over 200 refineries.

Technology Platform
Decoking Descaling Technology Inc (DDT) has developed the most advanced system for off-line decoking of fired heaters. DDT's technology can remove the hardest coke and scale that forms in commercial fired heaters or pipelines using a set of patented cleaning tools called DDT PIGGS.

DDT Pigg decoking

DDT's Decoking Process is Bidirectional, allowing the cleaning tool PIGG to navigate the furnace tubes in both directions.

A series of valves control the direction of the Pigg travel. Since the fouling of heater tubes is not uniform throughout a furnace, DDT Operators have the ability to direct the Pigg over only the most fouled sections, and guarantee the removal of all deposits.  DDT's bi-directional control method is a patented process that only DDT can provide.  Our competitors are restricted to using one directional cleaning and can only traverse from launcher to launcher. This one directional procedure leads to pipe abrasion because of repeated cleaning of less contaminated pipes.  This one directional procedure also prevents our competitors from effectively cleaning furnace tubes with changing pipe diameters, leaving deposits behind which will accelerate the onset of coking.

This bidirectional cleaning control also permits the decoking of furnace tubes with variable pipe diameters, and prevents the unnecessary repeated cleaning of less contaminated pipe sections, therefore reducing pipe abrasion.

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