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Patented Four Pass Pumping Units

Our patented four pass pumping units decrease down time for scale and coke removal by 75% compared to a single pass unit and 50% compared to a dual pass unit. DDT will be introducing to their Pumping Unit fleet 6 and 8 pass units in the near future. DDT also offers Filter Press Units that allow us to continually recycle the water used for cleaning. The solids captured in the scale and coke removal process is captured in filter cloths and plates which is then placed in waste disposal drums. This reduces the amount of water needed and lowers our and your environmental footprint.

Our Equipment

  • Quad Pumps
  • Dual Pumpers
  • Single Pumps
  • 8 Pump and 10 Pump Pumpers (Coming Soon)
  • Filter Press
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Combo Unit
  • Support Trailers
  • Containments
  • Air Compressors


Decoking Descaling Technology Inc. (DDT) possesses the most advanced system for off-line decoking of fired heaters, removing the hardest coke and scale deposits in pipelines or commercial fired heaters using patented cleaning tools called DDT Piggs®.